ADAS Recalibration

What is ADAS Recalibration?

When a windshield is replaced, all the ADAS equipment such as cameras and sensors are removed and re-attached. A change in camera angle of just one degree can have a huge impact on the camera's viewing area, which can affect how the vehicle's ADAS features will work.

The calibration process adjusts and tests all the cameras and sensors on the windshield to ensure they are still working properly after it is replaced. Without calibration, the vehicle's ADAS features may not function properly, which can lead to an accident. Even though it sounds simple, calibration is a complex process that requires special equipment and training.

The technicians at Auto Renu Auto Glass are experienced with ADAS calibration using a custom tool called Maxisys ADAS. Once connected to the vehicle, Maxisys ADAS begins the camera aiming process and then works with the vehicle's computer to optimize camera alignment and restore it to the manufacturer's specifications.


ADAS is a type of technology that helps make driving safer through the use of cameras and/or sensors. The objective of ADAS technology is to help reduce the chance of collisions due to driver error, a leading cause of accidents.

Essentially, ADAS alerts drivers when a possible obstacle is in their path and helps to provide lane centering. ADAS systems can include automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assistance. Parking assistance and rear traffic alerts may also be included in a car’s ADAS tech.

Is ADAS Calibration necessary?

ADAS windscreens typically function through a combination of sensors and cameras.Vehicle manufacturers recommend that, following a windscreen replacement, the system is calibrated to ensure that all safety features are working. If your windscreen is incorrectly fitted, even by as little as a few millimetres, these technologies might be compromised! Each car is different, so manufacturers also stipulate unique calibration settings for their Driver Assistance Systems.Calibrating your windscreen should not be limited to immediately after a complete replacement. It is recommended that you get your Driver Assistance Systems checked if:

  • Your ADAS camera is disconnected.

  • Your camera is partially removed or develops a fault.

  • You have recently had a wheel alignment or change of suspension because this can affect your ADAS service.

Does my car need ADAS Windshield Calibration.

Many modern vehicles boast complex technologies as part of their windscreen. Work your way through this handy checklist. If you’re vehicle has any of these features, then you should consult a trusted ADAS Windshield professional to confirm if a calibration is necessary Call Us Today Toll Free Auto Renu Auto Glass.


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