Windshield Repair


A windshield repair is typically about 10% or less of the cost of a new windshield. If you carry comprehensive coverage, your insurance company may even waive your deductible. We will fix your damaged windshield by using high-quality materials. You need to maintain the structural integrity of your car so we’ll use top-notch materials for the job. If your windshield repair is not repairable we can provide complete replacement with are mobile auto glass services. Auto glass repair scheduling is available online


Windshield rock chip repair are repaired quickly and easily. You can get your windshield fixed within an 20-30 minutes. Windshield rock chip

 repair is a free service with approved insurance mobile service to your location. Driving your vehicles with a broken glass is a safety risk and a safety hazard and structural integrity if the chip or crack is in the view of the Adas camera, your safety features can be compromised if you have Adas safety feature in your windshield.

Repair Your Windshield Now or Replace Your Windshield Later

Windshields can be easily repaired if the damage is not too big. A windshield replacement is not necessary in most cases because most of the modern cars have a windshield made out of two layers of glass separated by a thin layer of plastic. When the damage is not significant, it can be repaired without replacing the whole windshield. Minor windshield repair can easily be repaired by using liquid resin. Windshield repair should be filled with resin, and then covered with clear coat. This will improve the optical clarity, restore structural integrity, and make the blems less noticeable. Drivers should always check their windshields before they drive off. A damaged windshield could lead to serious accidents. An expert will evaluate the damage and give you advice about what needs to be done. You might want to consider replacing your windshield, if windshield crack or broken. Auto Renu Auto Glass is one of the best companies in the Bay Are providing windshield repair services. Their technicians are highly experienced and trained. They provide quality service and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Windshield chip repair is a great way to protect the environment. When you choose chip repair repair over replacing your glass, you'll save money and the environment. You won't need to worry about recycling or disposing of your old glass because we recycle for you. With a new install your car will retain the original factory seal and specifications. A broken windshield is a dangerous situation. You need to get it fixed right away. Call us today, we'll give you a free quote for our service, and you can schedule an appointment to fix your windshield. Auto Renu Auto Glass is as easy as calling our number. We specialize in fast, friendly service and can fix most of the problems you might encounter with your cars windshield. We work with most major insurance companies, and the vast majority of insurance companies will even waive your deductible! No matter what kind of damage you've got, we'll get it fixed quickly. And if you need any other type of auto glass repair, we're happy to help too.

The Windshield Repair Replacement Experts

Auto Renu Auto Glass stands out among other companies by being a company that provides quality service to its customers. Mobile Services, along with highly trained team will come right to your location for glass repair and replacement. Auto Renu Auto Glass known for their superior quality auto glass repair services, that is reliable and trustworthy.

When to repair a 
windshield chip?

As soon as possible! A windshield chip is easy to repair and inexpensive. But it can become a crack. We know that you have a busy life so luckily for you, getting your windshield damage fixed by Auto Renu Auto Glass Repairs is incredibly convenient. Just book an appointment and we'll come right to your home, work or wherever you'd like the job done.


Windshields are made out of plastic, which is recyclable. Recycling them saves us money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also helps keep landfills from filling up.


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